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Chairman’s Message

Growth, by all practical means, becomes evident only when a sapling is nurtured well and taken care of us when an appropriate time comes. This is what Dhoom Singh Memorial Public School has been established for. The young buds are nurtured and brought up in a friendly educational environment with guidance year after years.

Life at DSM is not just about academic brilliance but its greatest strength is the sense of community. Our students value learning, respect each other and appreciate the skill and expertise of their teachers. In this supportive environment we give young people the chance, to develop the skills, self-confidence and maturity, they will require in their future life.

We aim to give each child the best possible start and give them the confidence to believe in themselves. We promote a sense of personal responsibility based on the values of truth, justice and compassion. DSM Public School welcomes children of all faiths and endeavour to ensure that the cultural and religious difference with in our school community are recognized and respected.

Our teachers are greatest asset. The vibrancy of our programs attracts highly qualified and aspiring new teachers to our school. These students are fortunate to be mentored by a core of experienced teachers who have been responsible for the school’s significant growth and success over the past decade.

At DSM Public School, our vision and direction is guided by the school values of excellence, persistence, responsibility, achievement and teamwork. Our mission is for all the students to live these values, achieve their full potential and have a successful pathway beyond our school. We pride over ourselves on the care and development of young people with positive personal values and a strong sense of social responsibility.